2008-12-23 23:28:40 by Searfirehawk

I'm back. I look at everything I've done, and there are so many regrets. Well, I've changed, not an idiot, but more intelligent. But, not much people would read this, as I'm not really popular around here, since I don't make any flash. I now play WoW, I currently have two 70s, and many alts (deleted and active!)

Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3

2008-04-06 00:47:27 by Searfirehawk

Woo, I got a great game called Naruto Ultimate Nina 3!I have unlocked all of the characters(41)...And it kind of copied Mario Party with the some songs at the ending of a minigame.(Not really,but it still sounds like it.)It's so awesome!!


Darkness of this place.

2008-03-27 16:29:16 by Searfirehawk

There are many people who lurks around.
There are bound to be many mean people to be found.
If I die I will get my revenge on thee.
And you'd end up trying to flee.
This is killing me.
Don't you see.
Aw screw this,you dont care.
Even if I change a rule to be more fair.
But there are some people that are nice.
They wouldn't care if I took the last slice.
They'd protect me and be on my side.
They'd care even if I died.
But I cant seem to find them here.
So theres no one to give me a cheer.

Returning to the Forums!

2008-03-23 20:23:27 by Searfirehawk

Well I haven't post at the forums much lately, and I think it's time to post.But mostly in General and Wi/Ht.But mostly General, because people reply in like 20 seconds or so.Well It's fun posting and I should share my "Knowledge" at Rage's Gift to you: Abusive Reviews.Recently, I made a Chik-Fil-A thread,3/23/08 at 8:00,Newground's Time.Everything went smooth from there on.

***Breaking News***

I may not be able to make flash until I'm about...what...16?( or when I get a new laptop ffs.)Since my dad set the administrative crap and such.So...Yeah it may take a while.(Oh,I never really liked him, he's my Step-Dad actually, he's meaner than...I dunno...Some mean guy?)
Castle Crashing the Beard

Bronze Whistle

2008-03-22 15:02:30 by Searfirehawk

I got a bronze whistle now!! YAY!!

Normal Whistle

2008-03-17 17:29:55 by Searfirehawk

By TomFulp, I've got my normal whistle again! Just right after I flagged a flash because it was stolen.Heh, I just wonder if all the other flagging helped...

Flash & Whistle

2008-03-14 19:04:40 by Searfirehawk

Ahh! Learning how to make flash is madness!I tried to make a Super Mario sunshine flash but I failed horibily!And look, I got garbage whistle: ( I thought somenes review was abusive and now we got garbage.I want to get back to normal.Oh well,it'll take time.I just flagged some post for saying something like, "This should be blammed" Was that a good reason?I really hope so.Anyways now I'm wondering what's a good flash maker...Maybe a good one would cost money...I just bought Assassin's Creed.It's awesome,and definitly has Next-Gen graphics.The game is so realistic.I currently got 14 hp,Rank 5.Memory Block 4.If you have a question or anything, you can either PM me or E-Mail me at . Oh and Happy Easter!