Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3

2008-04-06 00:47:27 by Searfirehawk

Woo, I got a great game called Naruto Ultimate Nina 3!I have unlocked all of the characters(41)...And it kind of copied Mario Party with the some songs at the ending of a minigame.(Not really,but it still sounds like it.)It's so awesome!!



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2008-04-15 04:33:53

very nice
you remember this?
Oh I'm a little pigling
short and stout
here is my bear gut
and here is my snout
when i get all steamed up then i squeal!
I taste far better than ol' veal
one more thing
do you know any good games for pc?
if so go to my post please
really apreciate it

Searfirehawk responds:

A very nice song...Oh and go check your comments...I added some games but...I think you already know most of them.I prefer Fable:The Lost Chapters,GTA:SA, and Warcraft 3.


2008-04-17 12:53:30

what? reminded you of sonic? huh?

Searfirehawk responds:

Sorry I spammed with the frogs.For some reasons the picture reminded me of Sonic(or just a hedgehog.)


2008-04-22 21:11:31

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