Entry #1

Flash & Whistle

2008-03-14 19:04:40 by Searfirehawk

Ahh! Learning how to make flash is madness!I tried to make a Super Mario sunshine flash but I failed horibily!And look, I got garbage whistle: ( I thought somenes review was abusive and now we got garbage.I want to get back to normal.Oh well,it'll take time.I just flagged some post for saying something like, "This should be blammed" Was that a good reason?I really hope so.Anyways now I'm wondering what's a good flash maker...Maybe a good one would cost money...I just bought Assassin's Creed.It's awesome,and definitly has Next-Gen graphics.The game is so realistic.I currently got 14 hp,Rank 5.Memory Block 4.If you have a question or anything, you can either PM me or E-Mail me at Koopakidle@yahoo.com . Oh and Happy Easter!


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2008-03-14 19:53:05

assassin's creed is awesome

Searfirehawk responds:

Yeah, it's really awesome,but sometimes could be hard.


2011-06-15 22:44:20

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