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2008-03-23 20:23:27 by Searfirehawk

Well I haven't post at the forums much lately, and I think it's time to post.But mostly in General and Wi/Ht.But mostly General, because people reply in like 20 seconds or so.Well It's fun posting and I should share my "Knowledge" at Rage's Gift to you: Abusive Reviews.Recently, I made a Chik-Fil-A thread,3/23/08 at 8:00,Newground's Time.Everything went smooth from there on.

***Breaking News***

I may not be able to make flash until I'm about...what...16?( or when I get a new laptop ffs.)Since my dad set the administrative crap and such.So...Yeah it may take a while.(Oh,I never really liked him, he's my Step-Dad actually, he's meaner than...I dunno...Some mean guy?)
Castle Crashing the Beard


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2008-03-27 15:49:36

hi brian whuzz up. :p

Searfirehawk responds:

I'm Justin...0.0


2008-03-28 11:30:11

hi Brian whuzz up. :p

Searfirehawk responds:

I'm Justin...0.0